establish thought leadership in the state of illinois,

by identifying and addressing the current and emerging opportunities 

related to the inevitable growth in the utilization of AV technologies 

throughout the entire transportation network. 

With the expected growth by 2040 in freight alone, it is critical to connect and create the world class ecosystem for Illinois to understand the implications, effects and opportunities that Autonomous Vehicles have on all citizens in the State of Illinois, as well as the public and private sector.
As a further illustration, Illinois is home to world class agricultural and construction companies, which are already building, selling and operating Autonomous Vehicles for years.

The Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association will provide the platform for all cross industry public and private sector stake holders to collaborate. 

The Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association will be effective by enabling the discussion, and operationalization of our cross industry stake holders representing:

  • ​Legacy Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Emerging Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Legacy Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Emerging Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Insurance Providers
  • Public Sector
  • Logistics, Infrastructure and Transportation providers
  • Software, Navigation and Cybersecurity providers
  • Venture Capital
  • ​Real Estate
  • Conveners
  • Accelerators, Universities, and Research Labs

Source: New Mobility Lab adapted from Porter and Heppelmann (2014)



Source: Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning analysis of 2012 Freight Analysis Framework data.

As an illustration, metropolitan Chicago is the nation's preeminent freight hub, and Autonomous Vehicles provide significant opportunities i.e. in trucking, and rail. (Airplanes already operate 90% of the time autonomously). ​​​

Welcome to the Illinois Autonomous vehicles association

​Technological and regulatory advancements have resulted in the dawn of the Autonomous Vehicles era in Illinois. The goal of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association is to take full advantage of the opportunities Autonomous Vehicles present to every citizen of the state. For the citizens of Illinois, Autonomous Vehicles provide significant opportunities for economically inclusive growth such as ride sharing and a cleaner environment to name but a few. However we will also encounter significant challenges, which need to be understood, discussed and addressed.

key goals

Key goals for the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association are:

  • Opportunities for all-inclusive economic growth and revenue generation for the public and private sector.
  • Creation of use cases for private citizens as well as private and public organizations.
  • Creation of “common ground principles” for the participants in the Autonomous Vehicles ecosystem.

Our members